Passenger elevator

Environmental protection, energy saving, leading the new fashion and trend of future :

The new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor is a top and leading machine in the industry. It thoroughly reduces the operating cost of the elevator, meets the requirements of energy and space saving, and creatively applies the energy feedback technology to the elevator field, effectively transforms the potential energy in the elevator operation into the electric energy to feed back the power grid, thus greatly reducing the harmonic pollution to the power supply and realizing the renewable use of energy. In addition, the innovative technologies are applied in the IoT monitoring system, precise position control system, sensitive earthquake operation function and microcomputer group control system of Dingya elevator, showing the principle of safety first. Every detail reflects our care for customers. (Some functions are optional.)

Small machine room passenger elevator

In addition to the efficient intelligent control system, CTE small machine room elevator also adopts a small-sized tractor and a thin design of control cabinet, thus making the elevator machine room smaller and more compact. The new generation of small machine room CTE elevator series can truly implement the energy saving concept of the enterprise.

All digital control
Energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor
High-efficiency permanent magnet frequency conversion door machine

Non-machine room passenger elevator 

The non-machine room CTE elevator is adopted to save the machine room at the top of building and offer greater flexibility to the appearance design of the top of building. We use the world’s top design concept and mature control technology. In particular, the excellent permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive system and the sophisticated all computer data networking system are used to fully demonstrate the humanization wisdom and the low carbon environmental protection foresight.

The hoistway adopts the well-optimized design, thus effectively saving 10% of building area.
Compared with the traditional elevator, the non-machine room elevator is smaller and can be integrated in the building more flexibly.
Green drive and energy-saving device make the elevator achieve about 30% of energy saving effect.

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