Elevator renovation

It has the dedicated service organization, taking the concept of “leading the market with customer service” as the vision of Dingya Elevator. Under this concept, Shandong Dingya Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with lots of professionals, such as engineering and technical personnel, project management personnel, field engineers and technicians and so on, who provide the customer with the services of elevator control technology, drive technology, control system and decoration effect renovation. The renovation integrates consulting, quotation, configuration, production, installation and commissioning to provide one-stop and all-round service.

                                                                                    Convenience for construction                                Low maintenance costs                           Safe and reliable                             Strong decoration

Elevator renovation

The engineers who renovate the old elevator will provide you with one-stop service by providing the latest technology and high-quality service. According to the quantity of existing equipment and renovation requirements of the customer, they will carry out the comprehensive system renovation after formulating the most appropriate program. The renovation has little impact on the use of buildings, with low investment and short construction period. Through a series of upgrade and improvement, the renovated elevator have many advantages, such as safety, reliability, energy saving and comfort.

Straight ladder

1. Renovate the rated speed, rated load, the quality and the type of door lock device.
2. Change or replace the control system, guide rail or the type of guide rail, the type of door (add one or more landing doors or car doors), fire door, glass door and glass car wall, rope fastening, elevator drive host or traction wheel; speed limiter; buffer; safety clamp device and uplink over-speed protection device.
3. The original several single ladders will be connected into the intelligent group control system, while the group control system will uniformly deploy the elevator operation. The rated speed of the elevator is improved to make the elevator operate faster and make the operating efficiency optimized.

Escalator/moving walkway

The frequency conversion function will be added to the safety circuit with electronic components, step or pedal, step chain, general rotator, roller (main roller and secondary roller), metal structure, handrail belt, control panel of escalator or moving walkway, escalator or moving walkway, etc.

Renovation Program

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